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The biggest nebkas in the world are situated in 20 km west of shahdad desert in Kerman province.
Nebka (tel gaz) is an eco-morphological phenomenon which is created by wind and sand erosion around the tree over time and then become fixed.
The dominant species in this area is Gaz (species: Tamarix), hence Nebkas are renowned as tel gaz. Sometimes length of these hills (Tel Gaz) reaches 18 meters which are the tallest of their kind in the world creating a special vision in this area.  The life and livelihood of the inhabitants is related to these very hills.
They are evergreen or deciduous shrubs or trees growing to 1-18 m high and forming dense thickets. They usually grow on saline soils, tolerating up to 15000 ppm soluble salt and alkali conditions as well. 
Nebka was inscribed on national list in 2014.

Reference : Kerman Governor
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