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Ayoub Cave

Ayoub cave is the biggest igneous cave of Iran with largest crater that considered as a shrine situated in a mountain with the same name which is located in 7km south of the Dehaj city in Shahrbabak, Kerman province.  The entrance of the Ayoub cave has the shape of a semi-oval with a diameter of about 80 meters and a height of 60 meters.

It has been registered in the national list of Iran.
The Ayoub Mountain is part of the central Iranian mountain rangers with 3309 meters height, and the cave is at 2876 meters altitude.

The rocks of its walls made of dacite-andesite and belong to Plio-Pleistocene era.
The volcanic Ayoub cave is one of the rare places in the world where tafoni natural Phenomena can be observed in volcanic rocks and is one desirable place for geologists and natural scientists in search of tafoni forms (large, small, long, wide, circular, oval, nested, honey comb).

Because of thermal changes, mineral decomposition, water and wind action, and Salt weathering, natural cavities called Tafoni develop in various (granular) rock types.


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