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Shiraki pich rug (shiriki pich Kilim)

Shiraki pich rug (shiriki pich rug)


It is a combination of Iranian art and culture. These rugs’ main features are that their warp and weft are made of beast wool and they are devoid of lint.
The weaver of these very rugs do not use any pattern designed beforehand, hence the act of impressing sketches on the rug is impromptu.

These rugs called shirakipich by virtue of the act of twisting colorful yarns around the warps which is called Gelim pich by villagers.

The other reason for naming this very rug is that the two fibers are co-twisted to make the knits. Albeit some people believe that the reason of calling these rugs Shariki( cooperated) is that there are two weavers weaves this rug with each other in order to increase its solidity. Unlike other rugs, wefts’ only role is connecting the warps, it has no role in design of these rugs. In addition to geometry patterns, round, floral, and curved figures are used in the designs of these rugs.

Its global famousness is because of its usage of natural yarns and colors. It is registered by UNESCO in 2017.

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