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The original birthplace of cumin is in Kerman, more than %80 of it produced in Jupar and its high-quality cumin seed grows in mountains. Kerman is known for its zireh, cumin.  European use it as a kind of spices in their food and also cook one kind of bread with it, Arabs make a nourishing mixture by mixing it with pepper and honey, but Iranian use it with rice. This is a fragrant plant, which has many Medicinal properties, used in many drugs composition. It has been used since the past.
There are various kinds of cumin. Kerman's cumin is black in color and is harvested on the slopes of Hezar Mountains in Kerman which is said to be a growing field for 1,000 types of herbs. Cumin which is harvested in Kerman is so famous because of its quality and strong smell in cooking For the Persians the expression “carrying cumin to Kerman” is the same as the English language phrase “carrying coals to Newcastle.” It is one of the most popular souvenir of Kerman.

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